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Menudo 25th Anniversary 2002 Ideas

A lot of us Menudo fans from 1977 to now would like to celebrate Menudo's 25th Anniversary this year (2002), and we would like to see this celebration come to life more so than just our websites, groups/clubs, and forums. We would like to see the guys get together and perform again, and/or have television channels bring the celebration through our television sets.

We were happy to see El Reencuentro (Menudo 1983) and Los Ultimos Heroes(Menudo 1990) form reunion groups, but we would like to see them come back and more members from Menudo from 1977 to now. We all need your help... Some of us came up with ideas how you can promote the anniversary and get the important people to help out. We would also like the ol' Menudo fans that don't know that Menudo websites/groups/clubs/forums exist to remind them of this year.

If any of you have any ideas please post them up on the Menudo Yahoo Groups. Below is a list of people who have ideas how to promote the 25th Anniversary that anybody is welcome to do:



Kimberly Dee