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Laureen's Idea

HI everyone,

I know Jenice has posted regarding getting the guys back together for a Menudo Reunion. I was speaking with her last night and I thought I would post today. We are going to try to contact as many ex menudos as we can regarding getting the guys together for a reunion. However we need the fans help in doing this, we cant' do it alone. I am going to send letters to Ray Reyes, Ricky Melendez, Oscar and Carlos Melendez, Miguel and Rene. I am also working on having someone get in touch with Nefty. Someone is going to contact Johnny and Charlie, another person is going to contact Angelo and as far as I know another person is going to contact Ruben and Robert Avellanet. However there still are several other ex menudos that need to be notified and asked to be part of this reunion. If any of you know any of the guys and can contact them regarding this matter please let either me or Jenice know. My email is and Jenice's email is If you don't know any of the ex menudo's don't worry you can still help us out contact any spanish or english talk shows and try to get the guys on them and email me or Jenice privately and let us know you want to see the guys together so we can get a list of names to send the guys. We are doing our best to reunite them once more. Thanks guys


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