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Menudo & Ricky Martin


1. The Sun Rays That Affected My Life | 2. Move Over, A New Boy Is In Town | 3. The Good and the Bad | 4. Coming Around Again | 5. My Boys Are Back
4. Coming Around Again


Many years later, Little Ricky Martin did come back and he was a regular on an American soap opera show called Gengeral Hospital. His character was a struggling singing performer. I wasn't able to watch him, because the show was on during the time I was in school. I wanted to see him so much. He was well built, and he had long hair. Ricky didn't stay on General Hospital very long. I was hoping to see him again real soon.


Shortly before Ricky's first English solo album was released (which made him very popular), he did a commercial about traveling to Puerto Rico. His brown hair was very short at that time, and I remember I was happy to see him on TV again. My mother was with me at the time, and I saw Ricky's face and got real excited. I announced out loud, "Look, its Little Ricky Martin!"

My mom looked at me with a funny expression, "Um...Kim, he's not so little anymore."

Anyway, when Ricky's English solo album was released, he became very popular and he was shown on TV a lot. A lot of female teenagers were falling for him, and I couldn't believe it. Some of these girls were too young to know or remember when he was with Menudo. Even my teenaged niece (at the time) was beginning to like him. I was starting to feel old. My niece asked me what Ricky looked like when he was with Menudo, and since I didn't have any of my ol' Menudo pictures anymore, I thought I could find some on the internet. Sure enough, I found some Menudo pictures, and found a lot of pictures of Little Ricky. My niece enjoyed seeing him when he was a teenager. I had a fun time going through these pictures and seeing Charlie Masso and Ray Reyes again, I, especially, enjoyed seeing the other members of Menudo during 1983-1985.

Getting back to Ricky...I saw him on TV a lot, and I was getting to the point where I was getting a little tired of seeing him, but I still considered myself as a devoted fan. Ricky did come to Las Vegas, Nevada (a two hour drive from my place) a couple times to perform concerts. I didn't bother getting tickets, because people would camp out, so they will be able to get purchase their tickets. They were sold out quickly the first day. I didn't think I would ever have a chance getting a ticket.

For a year now, Ricky has been taking a break. I have been missing him. When he comes back, I am sure he will come back with a slash. A lot of his fans are going to be excited to see him again, and I wouldn't be surprised if he will gain a bigger crowd of fans from all over the world.

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