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Johnny Lozada
Biography and Trivia


Did you know...

  • Joined Menudo 1980
  • Replaced Fernando Sallaberry
  • Robby Rosa replaced Johnny during 1984
  • He was the only child in his family 
  • He is married with four kids
  • He is now an actor/singer

Full Real Name:  Johnny Lozada Correa

Born: December 21, 1967

Height and Weight: 5' 10" and 148 lbs.

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Pant size: 29 (at the time)

Shoe sizes: 9 1/2 (at the time)

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite foods: Fried chicken, hot dogs, pigs feet (at the time)

Favorite type of movies: Horror (at the time)

Favorite movie: E.T. (at the time)

Favorite singer/group: Michael Jackson, Van Halen (at the time)

Favorite drink: Orange juice (at the time)