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Miguel Cancel
Biography and Trivia


Biography and Trivia
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Did you know...

  • Joined Menudo during 1981 
  • Replaced Oscar Melendez
  • Roy Rossello replaced Miguel during 1983
  • During the early 1980's, he had his ear pierced by Ricky (Melendez), and then later had it repierced by a professional.
  • Attended UCLA
  • Now married with kids
  • He is now an entertainer


Full Name: Miguel Angel Cancel

Born: June 29, 1967 in Chicago, Illinois

Height and Weight: 5'7" and 130 lbs. ( at the time)

Favorite Band: Van Halen (at the time)

Favorite Food: Lobster with broccoli (at the time)

Favorite drink: Perrier Mineral Water (at the time)

Favorite Sports: Snow skiing (at the time)

Parents: Felix and Gloria Cancel

Siblings: None