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Ricky Martin
Biography and Trivia (now)


Biography and Trivia (during Menudo years)
Biography and Trivia (now)
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Did you know...

  • Ricky hopes that one day he will marry a woman that knows how to cook Puerto Rican food.
  • He loves traveling around the world
  • He moved to Mexico after he retired from Menudo
  • Ricky can speak many languages including English, French,  and Portuguese


Full Real Name:  Enrique Martin Morales
Zodiac sign:  Capricorn
Height and Weight:  6'1" and 165 lbs.
Eyes:  Brown
Hair:  Light Brown
Irrational Fear:  Snakes
Favorite Foods:  Puerto Rican, Chinese, Cuban, Italian, Japanese, Mexican
Hobbies:  Collects matchbooks from all over the world
Parents:  Enrique Martin Negroni and Nerieda Morales
Siblings:  Fernando, Angel, Eric, Daniel, and Vanessa