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Ricky Melendez
Biography and Trivia



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Did you know....

  • Was a member of Menudo 1977-1984
  • He was 9 years old when he became a member
  • Has been a member longer than any of the other lads that had joined.
  • First had braces during 1982
  • Ricky Martin replaced him
  • He is now a lawyer
  • Married and has two kids

Full Name: Ricardo Omar Melendez Sauri

Born: November 22, 1967 in Hato Rey, Puerto Rico

Height:  5'6" (at the time)

Favorite Holiday: Easter (at the time)

Favorite Sport: Wind surfing (at the time)

Favorite colors: Orange (at the time)

Favorite desessert/junk food: Rice custard (at the time)

Favorite singer/group: Paul McCartney, Hall and Oats (at the time)

Favorite Food: Beef dishes (at the time)

Favorite Dessert/Junk Food: Snickers Candy Bars (at the time)

Favorite Movies: James Bond movies.(at the time)

Parents: Santos Melendez and Clara Luiz Sauri

Siblings: Carlos, Oscar, and Leslie Ann