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Roy Rossello


Biography and Trivia
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Biography and Trivia


Did you know...

  • Joined Menudo during 1983
  • Roy replaced Miguel
  • Sergio replaced Roy during 1986
  • Roy now works with real estate



Full Real Name: Roy Stephan Rossello Diaz

Born: San Purce, Puerto Rico on May 1, 1970

Height and Weight: 5'5" and 128 lbs. (at the time)

Shirt size: Small (at the time)

Pant size: 27 (at the time)

Shoe size: 9 (at the time)

Favorite Sports: Swimming and surfing and tennis (at the time)

Favorite color: Black and pink and lavender(at the time)

Favorite singer/group: Pink Floyd (at the time)

Favorite food: Rice and corned beef (at the time)

Favorite actors/actresses: Farrah Fawcett (at the time)

Favorite type of movies: Adventure (at the time)

Hair: Brown

Parents: Juan Antonio and Miriam Diaz

Siblings: Marie Liz, Juan, and Rene