Menudo & Ricky Martin
1. The Sun Rays That Affected My Life | 2. Move Over, A New Boy Is In Town | 3. The Good and the Bad | 4. Coming Around Again | 5. My Boys Are Back


1. The Sun Rays That Affected My Life

Menudo 1983

I was 10 years old when I developed my first "celebrity" crush during 1983. Even though, I was very young, I was very close to puberty. My celebrity crush was one of Menudo's member, Ray Reyes Leon, and he was 13 years old at the time.

Ray had unique features that made you want to study him for hours. Green or hazel eyes turned me on and Ray had green eyes. He had brown hair, but it wasn't as dark as mine. The young lad was long and slender. His smiles would brighten up a room.


I did get a chance to see Ray a lot, especially every Saturday mornings on television and I depended on his bubbly smiles to make my weeks brighter.

Two years earlier, I had a boyfriend and it did last for a full year, and I will never forget that boy, because he was my very first boyfriend, and Ray is another one I will never forget.

I also kept an eye on another Menudo member at the time and his name was Charlie Rivera Masso. He was a very good looking 14 year old kid: he had dark wavy hair and big brown eyes. His sweet smile always made your heart melt. 



Johnny Lozada was also stuck in my mind, because I admired his personality: he was sweet, sensitive, and quiet. The first thing that would come to my mind about him was he smiled a lot. While the other boys were talking, Johnny would listen and smile at everyone that was around him. If he wasn't smiling, you'd thought something wrong happened.  Even though I did admire him and looked up to him when I was a young kid, I didn't allow myself to like him a lot, because he was fifteen years old when I was ten years old, and I thought he was too old for me (at the time).


The other two boys were Miguel Cancel and Ricky Melendez. Miguel was "the" heartthrob of the group. His dark short hair was slightly wavy and he had big deep brown eyes. Ricky had curly/curly brown hair and huge green eyes. He was the the funny and goofy one, but a lot of people remember his braces on his teeth. Sometimes, I felt that he really enjoyed having braces, so he could make many funny faces in front of the camera.

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