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Fernando Sallaberry
Fernando's Biography and Trivia


Fernando's Biography and Trivia
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What is Neuromuscular Disease?
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Did you know...

  • Is now an Ad Excutive
  • Battling with a paralyzing neuromuscular disease
  • Been a member of Menudo during 1977-1980
  • Xavier Serbia replaced Fernando

Born: Barcelona, Spain in November 25, 1965

Height and Weight: 6' and 150 lbs. (at the time)

Favorite food: Lasagna (at the time)

Favorite Movie: Class (at the time)

Favorite actors/actresses: Meryl Streep (at the time)

Favorite singer/group: Olivia Newton-John, The Police (at the time)

Parents: Santiago and Olga Sallaberry

Siblings: Nefty