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Menudo & Ricky Martin
2. Move Over, A New Boy Is In Town


1. The Sun Rays That Affected My Life | 2. Move Over, A New Boy Is In Town | 3. The Good and the Bad | 4. Coming Around Again | 5. My Boys Are Back


Things changed a year later: Miguel and Johnny already left the group during the later part of 1983 and the early part of 1984, and were replaced by two younger boys (Roy Rossello and Robby Rosa). Well, it was also time for Ricky Melendez to leave the group as well the year (1984). The media from all over the world made a big deal that the last original member of Menudo (Ricky Melendez) was finally retiring from the group. I also heard that Ricky had a big retirment party. He was 9 years old when him and his brothers (Carlos and Oscar) joined Menudo, and he stayed until he was 16 years old. Ricky was known for staying with Menudo longer than any of the other members that have joined the group.


Roy replaced Miguel in 1983.
Robby replaced Johnny 1984.

The world was anxious to see the young lad who would be replacing Ricky Melendez, and Ricky was fortunate to introduce the world to the very little Ricky Martin.

Ricky Martin was small, but very cute. In my opinion at the time, he looked like a younger version of Ralph Macchio. Both of them had the same color hair, eyes, and skin. Right away, I had to get to know this Ricky Martin by being a more devoted Menudo fan.

When I read a magazine article introducing Ricky Martin, he mentioned something real funny to the world about how we should remember his name; he said that he didn't want us to get him confused with Ricky Melendez. In fact, he told the public to either call him "Little Ricky" or "Kiki". I got myself in the habit of calling him "Little Ricky".



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